“Other AAU programs place the team first: The Warriors emphasize the player and fundamental skills first.”
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Summer Programs


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Watch below for the Warriors Philosophy regarding our training program. Coach Stan Van Gundy of the NBA Miami Heat speaking to youth and high school coaches.

Miami Heat - Stan Van Gundy



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Summer Programs

Summer 3 on 3 (New)

Watch any basketball game and what do you see? You basically see a game of 3 on 3 with (6) players on one side of the court with the ball and (4) players on the other side of the court without the ball. If a player can master the game of 3 on 3 then they have a better chance of succeeding in a game of 5 on 5.More 3 on 3 info...

1 on 1 

How many times have you watched your daughter or son in a game have the ball in their hands with a chance to score and what do they do almost every time? They will pass the ball. Why? Simply said they lack the skills and lack confidence. More 1 on 1 info...


summer league

summer programs

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VideoTaped Pure Shooting

I have not run the pure shooting program for a couple of years. In the past it has been my most popular program but it is very time consuming for me and requires a complete commitment from the players. Players will be taught the full and correct manner of shooting the basketball; they will be videotaped twice and will be able to look at their own personal video. It is amazing when they see their shot broken down on film how much they can improve. More info...

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The Next Level

For years many of you asked me to run some workouts during the month of August because of your busy summer schedules. It is the new program we ran very successfully last summer.  This is an excellent 3 day workout to get your son or daughter ready for the upcoming basketball season. More info...

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